Wednesday, June 8, 2011

bump day - week 20 - the my chin isn't fat edition.

some of you may know that fernando made a MAJOR blunder on the weekend... he told me my chin had gotten fat.
i have deliberately not cropped my pictures this week so you all can see the chin in question. i totally accept that it could very possibly get fat... but it hasn't yet!!

and since today i took more pictures than usual trying to get a good one with my face/chin in it... here are a couple more.

front view
baby brain is not getting any better... today when i was in the shower i forgot to shave one of my armpits. so the right one is nice... left one, not so much.
at least its not visible like the day i wore my slippers to the gas station with a sun dress.

last night i NEEDED mashed potatoes. i woke up from my nap and i wanted mashed potatoes for dinner. mashed potatoes with corn mixed in and my mom's super delicious rhubarb relish. this may sound gross but it is not a new thing for me... i've been making what we called "mush" since i was a kid. it used to drive my mom nuts (probably still makes her shake her head) but if we had a roast and mashed potatoes for dinner the only way i wanted to eat it was everything all mixed up into a big ugly mess . i'm pretty sure my dad does it too. he is definitley not pregnant.... so it can't be that weird. right?

i haven't made mashed potatoes at my house since christmas of 2009. good grief they're a LOT of work! first washing the potatoes... then peeling the potatoes (i of course didn't have big potatoes so i had to peel for what seemed like forever)... then cutting up the potatoes.... then waiting for them to boil long enough that i could attack them with the potato masher... exhausting! i am going to go back to my old ways... stealing mashed potatoes from my parents house if i want them. my mom always makes a HUGE pot of them and it is just so much easier to scoop them into my ziploc dish (or bag... yes i will put mashed potatoes in a bag) and take them home to warm up the next day. maybe i sound like i'm being lazy about this... but to me i think its just smart!


The Tompkins Family said...

I don't think this is quite what Fernando had in mind when he said he wanted to be mentioned more!

Nikki Blatz said...

Sorry to break it to you Amanda...but the baby brain will be with you for the rest of your life :)

FarrenSquare said...

The f-word is A BANNED WORD!

You look absolutely gorgeous, by the way, and you've a cute baby bump, too.