Monday, August 15, 2011

30 weeks. HOLY CRAP that means only 10 more weeks!

hitting the 30 week mark has definitely made me think about how little time i have to get everything ready.


i have already gotten quite a bit done, but i have a lot more to do.

the baby's dresser and chest of drawers is getting painted this week. it was my moms, Ashley and I had it in our room, and now the sea monkey will get it.

some people don't understand why i don't just get a new set....

i love furniture with history.

the dresser and chest of drawers will be painted with a fresh coat of white and the knobs will be black (fitting with the black and white theme i've got going on)

i was going to post a picture of the fabrics i've picked out to have fitted sheets made but for some reason i'm having technical difficulties getting the picture uploader to work.


i will try and post a picture of the fabrics later on, but for anyone who's curious... the accent colors to go with the black and white are red and aqua.

it was really hard not to keep shopping when i was at fabricland... the fabric was all 50% off... but i kept in mind the massive amount of fabric i'm currently in the process of moving from upstairs in my sewing room to make room for the sea monkey. my poor sewing room will be no more. its already a disaster! this is why i'm getting someone else to make the sheets for me even though i know i'm perfectly capable... i just don't have the time right now. if i start sewing i will lose motivation to pack everything up.

really not an option.

the dresser and chest of drawers are going to be moving to the house next weekend. the spare bed from the basement will be going away, my sewing table to the basement as well as the futon. fortunately i have lots of help and won't be actually moving anything substantial but i'm sure glad its getting done.
its hard not being able to move anything myself because i feel like it stalls my progress just knowing that i can't actually move it myself.

lots of packing up to do this week so i can be all ready for my helpers on sunday.

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