Tuesday, August 2, 2011

tasty tuesday

well i am posting another non-recipe for your enjoyment....

that is just how i roll.

today's topic:

the Banana Boat

well.... that's not really what it looks like but i don't have a picture of a banana boat that i made and i didn't want to steal some random picture of a banana boat that was not mine because i would just know. and it wouldn't be as delicious looking as my own banana boat creations.

the banana boat is a pretty forgiving and flexible treat.... there are endless possibilities!

sunday at the grocery store i picked out the biggest bananas i could find (the more banana, the more room for goodies) and now i'm just patiently waiting for the damn things to ripen enough for me to want to eat them.

first things first...
you can make these over a fire, or if that is too much effort (which it is for me right now) you can use your bbq.
easy peasy.

what you're going to need:

a banana (or multiples if you're sharing the deliciousness)
goodies - the sky is really the limit here.

what you're going to do:

wash the banana (that sounds dirty when i read it but maybe thats just me) because you're leaving the peel on.
slice the banana lengthwise and pry it open a bit (you need someplace to stash the goodies)
stuff the thing with your chosen goodies.

my next boat is going to include the following:
dark chocolate
skor bits
smushed graham wafers
a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar.

next you're going to wrap it up in foil keeping it right side up or you'll end up with a burnt mess.
if you're feeling ambitious you can make it into a fun shape

now put it on the bbq (i cook it on high - but i cook everything on high for the most part)
or if you're doing this on an open fire find a nice spot in the coals or on a grate if your fire pit has one

cook it until its a bit squishy (yes that is the technical cooking time... until its squishy)
its not an exact science.

get your boat drunk... once you've dressed your banana and gotten it almost wrapped up it is quite delicious to throw in a shot of spiced rum, butterscotch schnapps.... or some other random delicious liqueur of your choice.
i will not be enjoying this variety of banana boat in the near future, but that doesn't mean that you cant!


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