Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tasty tuesday - no recipe for you

i've been super busy the last week and didn't really have a chance to make anything fun or exciting so i thought i would do a quick recap of the sea monkey's favorites.

here's a top ten list of the cravings i've had:

1. steamed broccoli

2. grilled zucchini

3. corn on the cob

4. asparagus sauteed with garlic and black pepper

5. cucumbers

6. cilantro and hot sauce mixed on rice

7. a dish of pickles (mixed varieties - usually some dill, some sweet, maybe some olives or bean pickles)

8. sate chicken sub from the vietnamese sub place by my work.

9. poutine

10. plain waffle cones (not with ice cream)

i feel like i've had the most ridiculous cravings ever. this is supposed to be when i want to eat crazy junk food and random weird things. i don't. none of this is new. these are all things that i would eat before i was pregnant on a pretty regular basis. only change is that i eat larger/more portions of vegetables now.

take last night...

for dinner i had a small potato, a big pile of asparagus (about half a bunch) and a cob of corn. that was what i felt like.

i guess i should be grateful since i'm guessing my rabbit tendencies are a big factor in me not gaining huge amounts of weight.

a few more fun cravings thrown in would have been nice though.

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The Tompkins Family said...

That's okay. I had enough cravings for the both of us. And gained enough weight for both of us too!