Thursday, August 11, 2011

read me!

i don't normally insist on people reading the books i've read...

most of them are mindless drivel that i take out from the library by the dozens.

normally i don't read to think.... i read to relax and escape my brain constantly running through any possible thing it can.

give me a silly book and i forget about everything else for just a little while.

i always read before i go to sleep, whether it be a nap or for the night... 10 or 15 minutes of reading helps me relax.

i also like to read during commercials if i'm watching tv... or if i'm not really watching tv i will just read with the tv on (not sure what the point is of that, but thats just how i roll sometimes).

last weekend was pretty hectic for me and i ended up running around like a crazy person for most of it.
sunday i had to work in the morning then off to the lab to do my gestational diabetes test. for anyone that doesn't know what that entails, you drink a hideous orange flavored glucose drink and then sit. and sit. and sit some the most uncomfortable chairs ever. an hour later you then get blood work done and are released to the outside world grumpy and starving.
to pass the time i took with me a book that was not my standard mindless fluff. i was not super optimistic. i'll be honest... i took a backup book in my purse. i sat down and started reading. i did not put the book down until they called me to get my blood taken.
then i went home, scarfed down some food while reading the book.
then i went up to bed and read the book for another half an hour before i took a nap
then i woke up and read for another 10 minutes
then i went downstairs to make dinner
then i ate my dinner while reading the book.
and pretended to watch tv while i read the book.
then i decided to go to bed. so i put the dogs outside and read the book while i waited for them to do their business.
then i set the book on my pillow and brushed my teeth... while thinking about the book.
then i read for half an hour.
then i put the book on my night table and turned out the light.
10 minutes passed
then i turned the light beside the bed back on and started reading again.
15 minutes go by...
by this point i have maybe 15 pages left.
what the hell... i'm just going to finish it. how could i leave it at that.
so needless to say, i went to bed a bit later than i had originally planned to...
still at a respectable time and only about half an hour later than normal since i had attempted to go to bed early that night... but when i find a book like that i just can't help myself.

wondering what book i was reading?

Water For Elephants

i absolutely LOVED this book.

the last time i read a book this obsessively was the second last harry potter book which i got at midnight, went home and read it until i was finished.

i don't know what exactly about it made me love this book so much, but i think i will actually go buy it and add it to my book collection. it totally captivated me.

i will definitely read it again. and probably again and again after that.

i am interested to see what the movie is like.

it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray the beginning of september and i am most likely going to add that to my collection too.

even if it is HALF as good as the book it will be a great movie.

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The Tompkins Family said...

That is one heck of a good review! Definitely going to read it and will report back!