Monday, August 22, 2011

31 weeks!

the countdown is on!

the baby's arms, legs and body continue to fill out ... they are finally proportional in size to its head.
the sea monkey weighs about 3.3 pounds, looks more like a newborn and is about 16 inches from crown to toe.

lots to do in the next little while! i'm going to try and get most of it all done in the next 4 weeks. i don't want to be stressing out all of october trying to get things done when i'm roughly the size of a house.

everyone has their suggestions of what i need to do and when i should be doing it, but i am just doing things my way at my own pace. i know what works for me the best and i'm going to stick with it.

in the next couple weeks i am going to start making a few freezer meals... mostly soups and sauces for now. that way if i need to, i can just pull something out of the freezer. i know a lot of people make full frozen meals
but i'm not a huge fan of fully frozen meals. some things just don't freeze that well. i will definitely freeze some lasagna and closer to d-day i'll mooch a pan of lazy perogies (think perogie ingredients made into a super delicious version of lasagna) from my mom to freeze in portions. other than that though, i will make some pasta sauces and that sort of thing so all i'll need to do is heat up the sauce and make some pasta. i can handle that.
i am going through some websites to find new recipes to try. a few people have suggested this Martha Stewart freezer friendly foods.... click here to check it out.

another thing a lot of people are VERY opinionated about is that i do not have a detailed birth plan.
how i see it is that this baby is coming out of me one way or another. i am not going to plan out each detail because i am not setting myself up for disappointment if it doesn't go how i planned. i would like to think i can handle a natural child birth, but when push comes to shove who knows... i might want any and all drugs available. i am not going to be disappointed by that.... whatever happens happens. i am going to hope for a smooth and complication free delivery.
that's it.
that's all i want.
i'm not making a big list of other things that to me in the end really don't matter.
i want a healthy baby and however it makes its way out of my body i am ok with.


The Tompkins Family said...

I think it's funny people are so concerned about your lack of a birth plan. What's it to them?! In my experience (of no birth plan!), not one doctor or nurse even asked me what my plan was anyway!

I did a TON of frozen meals. It was well over 30 or something. I didn't really do the full meals either (minus a couple of things that I already knew froze well). It was all soups and sauces which was SO helpful. I've actually continued with it...whenever I make something that is easily frozen, I just double or triple it and add to my stash. Love it!

Candy said...

Birth plan????
You can't plan a baby!!!!!!

Chelsea said...

My plan is about the same as your plan and I've noticed it bothers people but I just can't see how planning something that is unplannable will do anything other then lead to disappointment.

Im getting ready to get my freezer stocked too. I'm going to mega batch some homemade perogies as an easy meal and I like your pasta sauce idea!