Thursday, August 25, 2011

thankful on thursday

Grandma Llanes strikes again.
with a little help from Fernando and Andrea.

i have been looking for a crib that i love.
it has been really difficult.
i am slightly picky and hugely in love with all things vintage and antique.

the dresser and chest of drawers for the baby's room are circa 1945-1955.
they are completely adorable and i LOVE them. thanks to the fresh coat of paint applied by the grandparents von Arx they are just like new.

they are white with black knobs. pretty freakin awesome.
i will try and remember to take pictures so i can post them up here.

back to the crib.

antique/vintage cribs are pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to find.

i had settled for a black crib i found... but the more i thought about it, the less i liked it. i'll be honest, i never loved it, but it was the best i could find that wasn't completely horrible.
all i wanted was something simple and well made. and white. not veneered, not particle board....
solid wood. and not super huge.

just when i was thinking i'd be better off just going to ikea and buying a cheap white crib there i found it.

i was so in love with it.

then i finally found out the price of it.
i was shocked. (i'm kinda thrifty so it doesn't take much)

after i had a good cry about it (hello pregnancy hormones) i had pretty much resolved myself to just settling for a cheapo crib.

i told fernando about this and not a couple hours later his family was reassuring me that if that was the crib that i loved, then i should get it.
as hard as it was for me to swallow that price, apparently its not that bad.

a few things that i love about the crib (other than i think its freakin adorable)

- its made in Canada
- its solid wood
- it is made to order. my crib will be made just for me.
- vintage inspired is the next best thing to actual vintage in this case.

finding a quality piece of furniture these days is really hard. i will always prefer the old pieces, but i think i found a pretty good substitute here.

i can't wait to see it with the bedding in it!
6-8 weeks delivery though so the baby will probably arrive before the crib does.
good thing i'll be using the bassinet for the first little while.

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