Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tasty tuesday

 wait until you see all the technical words and fancy terminology i use for today's non-recipe.

Raspberry Soda

start with a nice big cup, a quarter or third of that cup filled with fresh raspberries.

next you're going to want to add grenadine and some simple syrup (however much you like)
i used sugar because i was too lazy to make simple syrup at 6:30 in the morning before work.

i used about a tablespoon of grenadine and a half a teaspoon of sugar
get a long handled spoon or a muddler (normally i use a muddler but it was not as handy and the spoon did the job) and smush it all up

i'll be honest here.... this is a super blurry picture. i took it while i was smushing. not my best idea.

if you don't smash it all up well enough it will be hard to drink through a straw.

next you're going to add your ice.
this step didn't really need its own picture, but why not.

fill your cup with club soda.
again.... not really needing a picture.... but damnit i want to be thorough! i never take pictures step by step so i'm taking the simplest thing ever and making it seem important.



Roz said...

Lovely and yummy looking.

The Tompkins Family said...

The perfect summer drink!