Monday, August 29, 2011

32 weeks - holy crap!

well i just had a little realization... sea monkey is considered full term at any time after 37 weeks. that could be 5 weeks from now!  or it could be 6, 7 or 8 weeks from now.
but 5 weeks seems like very little time. just over a month.


the sea monkey will be out of the little tank in my belly and welcomed into the real world.

i'm pretty sure as much of a realization this is for me, it is probably 100 times more scary for fernando.
i am wondering if i should get him this...

but... maybe babies are like dogs.... they sense fear.... this might just make it worse. HA!

back to the real update though...
the sea monkey will be gaining a third to one half its birth weight in the next seven weeks.

as of my last appointment at the doctor's on friday the baby is head down and in position so hopefully that's how it stays!
heartbeat was 160 again, i'm measuring right on schedule so everything is good.

23 more days left at the office (including today) so that is becoming more and more real... soon i will be a SAHM! i'm really excited to be at home.

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