Wednesday, August 24, 2011

bump day - week 31

each week its getting closer.
starting to get excited... and a bit nervous. we have a lot to do to get ready still!
i know that no matter how unprepared i think we are, we have everything that we absolutely need.

the extras can wait.

here's the bump picture for the week...

one picture is all you get this week...
i'm not feeling especially photogenic.

its supposed to be another gorgeous, hot day here so i'm hoping to get out of the office before it decides to thunder storm. seems that on the really nice days i spend the whole day cooped up in an arctic air conditioned office and then by the time i'm on my way home the clouds roll in and it starts storming.

i may be the only pregnant person that enjoys 28 degree weather... but i guess pregnant or not, some things never change.
i would take 35 degree weather over 20 degree weather ANY DAY.
unfortunately as the days get shorter, the nights get colder and soon our summer will be over.
already i'm finding that i have to bundle up to go to work in the morning. its freaking chilly out at 7am!
today i had to put on a sweater and a scarf. and since i wore a skirt, my legs froze!
i miss warm mornings.


i'm ok with it. this year. normally i would be moping.

but the sooner summer ends, the sooner fall comes and the sooner we get to meet the sea monkey!
and then next summer i'll get to spend not working and being able to go outside and hang out with the sea monkey. i'm already planning outings for next summer and the summer after... i get to be a kid again.
i can't wait!
its gonna be fun.

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