Wednesday, August 31, 2011

bump day - 32 weeks

again... i can't believe i'm already 32 weeks!
it's super exciting! and a bit scary... i'm sure though that things will all come together. the baby won't really care about a lot of the things on my to-do list.
here are the things that i see as super important that NEED to be done pre-baby:
  • someplace to sleep (bassinet is here, crib - on its way)
  • diapers (have some disposable for the first little while and some cloth)
  • clothes (don't have tons but i don't want to buy lots before the baby's here)
  • food (yup. i have boobs. and i am not going to go down without a fight. i really want to breastfeed so i won't be buying formula unless i absolutely need to)
  • blankets (thanks to my lovely friends - yup!)
  • wash cloths, towels, burp cloths (again thank you to my lovely friends)
  • car seat (not yet, but hopefully picking it up this week)
  • stroller (thanks grandma llanes! )
  • rocking chair (its getting refurbished as we speak)
  • crib bedding (fabric is in a bin at home and i just need to get it to the lady sewing the sheets for me)
there are more things that i already have that i won't need for months... but nothing that i couldn't live without. i have a ton of stuff already and even though the baby's room is nowhere near being totally set up and perfect... i don't think the baby will care.
i know some people think that i am completely unprepared but i don't want to end up with a ton of stuff that i don't use. its wasteful and excessive i find.  i've already been given things that i can't imagine EVER using...

back to the real purpose of this post....


it is growing... i think the sea monkey had a growth spurt since last week. people are finally realizing that i'm actually pregnant and not just fat!
some clothes make me look much more pregnant than i actually am...this one makes the belly bigger.... some make it look smaller.
hopefully once the baby is born i'll be able to rock this shirt looking more like the comparison picture at the bottom. FINGERS CROSSED!!

just for the record... i rarely straighten my hair... this will probably be the last time for a while.
so i felt inclined to immortalize my last attempt at styled hair.
its just too much effort. (aka i'm too lazy) 

should have held back the flap on the front of the dress... but i'm too lazy to retake a picture.
it adds a bit of volume to the front of my bump... but that's ok :)

yup... still there!

just for reference... this was 14 weeks in the same outfit. big difference!