Friday, August 19, 2011

time to get ready...

this weekend the sea monkey will finally have a room! bye bye sewing room hello baby's room.

my parents and brother are bringing me the dresser and chest of drawers on sunday and helping move the futon and sewing table downstairs to the basement and taking the spare bed out of the basement. lots of work, but i have already been told SEVERAL times that i am not allowed to help with any of it. i will just supervise i guess.

tomorrow i have to get everything packed up that i need moved (a lot of fabric and such) so i'll have a busy day getting ready for the big move.

the smaller stuff i can keep moving bit by bit over the next couple weeks... still don't have a crib so i'm not super worried about getting the room completely emptied.

i am really excited to get the dresser and chest of drawers so i can go through all the clothes and blankets and random assorted baby stuff i already have (i've got some super awesome friends) and figure out exactly what i need still.

i'll post pictures of the old new furniture next week.

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